Remedial Massage Post Knee ReconstructionThe knee is a joint that is extremely prone to injury. An injury or damage to any part of the knee joint is a serious matter as it can prove to be extremely painful and effect our ability to do even the simplest of tasks. Unfortunately a lot of athletes and non-athletes alike suffer from a knee injury at some stage in their life. Knee injuries can a times require joint replacement or reconstructive surgery to restore stability to the knee. Physical rehabilitation is an integral part of the post-operative recovery plan and many surgeons suggest remedial massage for post knee reconstruction as it helps in reducing swelling, inflammation, pain, increases circulation, and improves joint mobility.

The Benefits | Remedial Massage Post Knee Reconstruction

Although many surgeons will recommend painkillers to deal with the post-reconstruction surgery pain and inflammation, they can have side effects and can make you drowsy and disconnected. If you would like to minimise your painkiller use, remedial massage can help reduce the pain and restriction so you feel less need for them.

Here is how remedial massage therapy can accelerate your knee surgery recovery:

Decreased Pain | Remedial Massage Post Knee Reconstruction


Remedial massage therapy is now considered an excellent treatment in the recovery process since it affects the soft tissues and induces relaxation. The latest research indicates that:

  • remedial massage decreases postoperative pain
  • remedial massage accelerates the rate of decline in the intensity of postoperative pain
  • remedial decreases doses of analgesics
  • remedial massage increases a sense of wellbeing

Decreases Inflammation | Remedial Massage Post Knee Reconstruction


Pain and inflammation are two of the most common and uncomfortable side effects of surgery and can greatly slow down the recovery process. Remedial massage therapy has proven effective in breaking down the scar tissues and improving lymph circulation in and around the knee to decrease the inflammation and ultimately speed up the recovery process.

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