Remedial Massage Post Knee ReconstructionThe knee is a very complex joint and takes high levels of stress, it is also a relatively unstable joint making it prone to injury. Damage or injury to any part of the knee joint is a major issue as it’s often very painful and effects our ability to exercise and even carry out simple daily tasks.

Many people will suffer from some form of knee injury during their life. Some serious injuries will require joint reconstruction or replacement surgery to restore the stability and function of the knee.

Having a quality rehabilitation program is a crucial part of any post-operative recovery plan. Remedial massage can be a great component of a recovery plan as it helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain, and restore joint mobility and circulation.

The Benefits Of Remedial Massage

Many people rely heavily on pain killers post-reconstruction surgery. Pain killers can provide instant relief but they are not effective when it comes to restoring strength and mobility. Remedial massage on the other hand can not only reduce the pain and restriction, but your therapist can also provide simple exercises to start getting strength back into the muscles.

Remedial massage therapists also focus on areas that aren’t directly related to the surgery. Many people will experience issues in other areas due to the reduction in activity after surgery and the change in movement patterns. It’s really important to address these areas as the body recovers so they don’t create secondary issues.

Decreased Pain & Inflammation | Remedial Massage After Knee Reconstruction

Knee surgery is an extremely invasive procedure and can cause a lot of damage to surrounding tissue causing inflammation. Remedial massage has been shown to be very effective at managing pain and swelling after knee replacement surgery. Research shows that:

  • remedial massage accelerates the rate of decline in oedema
  • remedial massage decreases postoperative pain
  • remedial decreases use of pain killers
  • remedial massage increases a sense of wellbeing

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Remedial Massage Post Knee Reconstruction
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