Remedial Massage For Shoulder InjuriesOur shoulder is an extremely complex parts of our body. The shoulder is made up of muscles, bones, arteries, veins, nerves, and other supporting structures such as tendons and ligaments. The shoulder is also a very mobile joint which makes it a fairly unstable joint, this leaves it vulnerable to injury. Any shock, damage or injury to the joint, muscles, nerves and tendons can quickly become the cause of pain. Luckily, most pain/complications (other than those that are caused by an injury such as a dislocated shoulder or a broken bone) can be treated with remedial massage treatment, rest, and time.  

How Remedial Massage Can Help | Remedial Massage For Shoulder Injuries

The main thing when dealing with an injury is to reduce or avoid activities which are causing or aggravating it and have treatment as soon as possible for any muscles that have become restricted in order to regain strength and flexibility.

Remedial massage is a modality that addresses the root cause of the dysfunction and pain by performing a thorough assessment; our treatment also supports your body’s own repair mechanism to speed up the healing process.

Some common massage techniques used by our therapists include:

Deep Tissue Massage | Remedial Massage For Shoulder Injuries

Deep tissue massage is very effective for reducing the pain and restriction associated with muscular injuries. Our remedial massage therapists use firm-pressure to release tight muscles and other tissues, alleviating pain, muscle spasm and stress from the area affected. There are attorneys for construction accidents that can help with other injury cases as well in case you need legal aid.

Trigger Point Therapy

For more stubborn and complex shoulder injuries, remedial massage therapist often use trigger point therapy. The massage therapist applies pressure to specific points (once they have determined which point are involved) in order to release the stress and tension and alleviate pain. The motorycle accident attorneys also deal with injury cases and help provide the right legal advice.


Cupping therapy helps to stretch out tight muscles, reduce adhesions and increase blood supply to the affected area, this speeds up the bodies healing process. For this reason, cupping can work on chronic pain that may result from old injuries and strains also.

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Remedial Massage For Shoulder Injuries
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