Yoga MelbourneYoga is more than just stretching and working out, it is a great addition to living a healthy life. The practice of yoga allows you to achieve peace and tranquility through focused training and exercises.  If practiced on a regular basis, yoga offers many mental and physical benefits. Here are 3 surprising evidence-based benefits of yoga:

Yoga – For a Stress-free Life | Yoga Melbourne


Whether it is a family issue or a work-related matter, we are constantly exposed to stress in one form or another. Many people resort to various stress-relieving pills or alcoholic beverages to bring the stress levels down, but these come with a lot of side effects, such as alcohol addiction. If you know someone with alcohol addiction, check out this article source for more info. Including yoga in your daily life will not only make you active, it will also soothe your nerves and calm your mind to make you more focused. Multiple studies suggest that performing yoga regularly is very effective in decreasing the secretion of cortisol – the primary stress hormone. When used with other holistic approaches such as meditation, yoga can be very effective in keeping stress in check.

A Remedy For Anxiety And Depression | Yoga Melbourne


Whether it is the stress of work or the anxiety over a deep-rooted issue, it is always a tough situation to break the cycle of depression and anxiety. The best thing about yoga is that it combines physical and mental disciplines together. On one hand, yoga teaches you how to control your breath in order to control your mind, and on the other hand, it teaches you how to stretch your body in order to calm the body and nerves. The combined effect of both disciplines helps in improving the mode and mental functioning. Several studies reveal that yoga may decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression by influencing the production of stress hormones.

For Improved Concentration | Yoga Melbourne


Our mind is often not in our control, it is constantly at work. Sometimes it will take you over past issues and sometime it creates fear about the future – but it will never stay in the present for very long. Yoga can help you keep your mind in check and have more control over your life in general.

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