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Slow flowing yin: combination of slow flow and
yin poses which are held for a period of time to release
connective tissues and ease joint stiffness

Slow flow: incorporates hatha yoga poses, joined
together in sequences to create a unity between body
and breath. *Express 45 minute classes also available.

Hatha yoga: encompasses breathing techniques,
poses and sequences for strength,
stability and flexibility

Mat Pilates: focussed on core stabilisation, spinal
mobility, strength and postural awareness

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Our yoga classes  focus on styles of yoga which promote correct movement quality, encourage spinal mobility, flexibility, body awareness and postural awareness. They are ideal for all body types, ages and genders and poses can be modified for those carrying injury.

The health industry is now realising the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation for physical and mental health. We offer before work, lunchtime and after work yoga classes to those living and working in Melbourne so that our customers can reap those benefits, even around a busy lifestyle.

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Contact the clinic for available class times or visit our Southbank booking page.

Yoga Melbourne

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