Myotherapy Vs Remedial Massage | What’s The Difference


Myotherapymyotherapy vs remedial massage Vs Remedial Massage

This is a topic that confuses many of our clients (and occasionally us too). There are some clear differences, however you can receive treatment from therapists of both modalities that appears to be almost exactly the same.

The Education | Myotherapy vs Remedial Massage

I think the best starting point is education. Many myotherapists (myself included) studied an advanced diploma of remedial massage. In this sense a myotherapist is a remedial massage therapist with an upgraded qualification. The additional things covered in my adv dip were dry needling, advanced assessment, exercise rehabilitation,  ultra sound, tens and cupping. This indicates that a myotherapist has a broader range of techniques to treat with, in saying that many myotherapists treat almost exclusively with massage.

Ongoing Professional Development

myotherapy vs remedial massage

Both remedial massage therapists and myotherapists need to gain professional development points every year to remain registered. There is a large range of courses that therapists can choose from in order to gain these points (unfortunately this muddies the waters even further). For instance a remedial massage therapist could do a PD course in dry needling or cupping. As a result they are still registered as a remedial massage therapist however they can also provide services that a myotherapist provides.

How We Treat |

Myotherapy vs Remedial Massage

At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies we have a range of remedial massage therapists and myotherapists. As we realise sometimes the choice can be confusing we regularly update Our Team Page to give you clear information on how each practitioner treats and the treatment options they provide. If you are just looking for massage in your session all of our practitioners work is a very similar way whether they are remedial massage therapists or myotherapists.

myotherapy vs remedial massageStill Confused? | Myotherapy vs Remedial Massage

As the massage industry grows and becomes more advanced we are seeing constant changes in the education levels and professionalism of our industry. This is an excellent thing for practitioners and clients but is primarily what’s causing the confusion. If you would like to have a chat and discuss the best options for you and your specific issues feel free to give us a call, we would love to hear how we can help.

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