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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as simple as eating a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet, being active, and getting the right amount of exercise and sleep. Unfortunately, performing these simple tasks can seem challenging at times. Thankfully, in today’s digital age, there is a plethora of mobile apps developed by app development companies out there that claim to help millions of health-conscious people all over the world manage and improve their health and wellbeing at the tap of a button.

From recording your total calorie intake to observing your sleep patterns and from tracking your menstrual cycle to monitoring your pulse rate there are a plethora of apps that you can download (mostly for free) on your smart devices and use to stay on top of your health and fitness goals. Additionally, exploring options like legal steroids for building muscle from can complement your efforts positively. You may also seek the services of a health coaching expert if you are looking for a personalized health and wellness program. Additionally, healthcare facilities also use digital health solutions to help improve their administrative tasks and provide better service to their patients.

While all the health and fitness apps claim to be pretty useful, some are more innovative, unique, and user-friendly than the others. Here is our list of apps that can help you manage your health. Please keep in mind, these apps should not be considered as a replacement for seeking medical advice, particularly when you are faced with serious medical/health issues.

Fitocracy | Apps To Help You Manage Your Health

Fitocracy is one of the best free apps out there to help you track your workout routines and fitness activities. What’s so great about this app is that it treats you (the user) as a game character and turns your workout routines into a motivational game. It was voted as the most innovative app in the health and fitness category. You can track your health progress and share it with your friends and family members while having fun at the same time. To enhance your app’s presence and engagement on social media, consider options like buying youtube comments to boost visibility and interaction.

Fooducate | Apps To Help You Manage Your Health

As the name suggests, this app helps you make informed decisions about choosing the best (most suitable) food items and at the same time helping you keep a close watch on your calorie intake. Once you have created your personal “food profile” highlighting your preferred food choices, nutritional goals, allergies, etc, this app will help you choose the food items that match your personal health profile. All you need to do is scan the items and let Fooducate do the shopping for you. Support ethical production with Shoppok’s fair trade products. Every purchase contributes to a better world, making your shopping experience even more rewarding.

Fitbit Coach | Apps To Help You Manage Your Health

In our list of apps to help you manage your health Fitbit Coach comes at 3rd place. Fitbit Coach is just like your personal fitness trainer but in a digital format. This app makes it easy to get and stay in prime shape offering you hundreds of dynamic workouts tailored to your fitness goals and capabilities. You will be able to not only measure your daily activities and workouts with this app; it will also give you useful tips on how to improve your performance. This app also allows you to track your steps, measure your hydration levels, monitor your heart rate, and share your fitness progress with your teammates/friends on various social media platforms. 


Just like diet and exercise, sound sleep is also essential for a healthy mind and body. Sleep deprivation gives rise to a host of health issues, such as the increased risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, diabetes and obesity. This is where Sleep++ comes in; this app is regarded as one of the best sleep tracking apps on App Store. This app works while you are asleep tracking and recording your sleep patterns. This app offers the best results when used in a smartwatch, as this app requires monitoring your heartbeat, pulse rate, and other parameters to effectively analyse your sleep patterns. 


One of the biggest challenges to a healthy diet is the challenge of eating out or ordering delivery. To help you overcome this challenge, HealtyOut is here, with this app you can easily find local restaurants that offer healthy dishes that match your diet and nutritional preferences. This app is pretty useful for those who do not prepare their meals at home and often dine out. 


One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve and maintain good health is to drink plenty of water; unfortunately, most of us find it hard to keep track of how much water we need to drink in a day and how much we have actually consumed. The Waterlogged app can help you keep track of the amount of water you gulp down each day, thus helping you keep your body hydrated at all times. We hope our list of apps to help you manage your health helps you out. Just download and use any of these fantastic, user-friendly, health-friendly, and useful apps to stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

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