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The Power of Touch | Remedial Massage Melbourne

  The Power of Touch Do you suffer from tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, neck injuries, sore muscles, Achilles tendon pathologies, frozen shoulder, shin splints, swimmer’s shoulder, chronic back pain, rotator cuff injuries, hamstring injuries, sciatica, headache, migraine, adhesions or plantar fasciitis and you are not able to find a permanent and lasting relief from these

Taking the Pain Away From Your Life | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Taking the Pain Away From Your Life There is a lot of buzz about the remedial massage Melbourne in town these days. This is because the numbers of people who suffer from various kinds of body aches, such as head ache, a sprinkled ankle or an aching joint have increased over the past few years.

Relief From Pain Melbourne Natural Therapies | MCNT

Relief From Pain Melbourne Natural Therapies The human body is made of hundreds of big and small bones, muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments. A slight bad move or accident can displace, damage, shorten or lengthen any of these tissues, tendons or ligaments and this can result in in all kinds of pains, aches and injuries.

Low Level Laser on Chanel 7 | Beating Back Pain

Low Level Laser Beating Back Pain Chanel 7 ran an interesting story on low level laser therapy last week. If you are interest to learn moe about laser therapy you can view the video directly on the chanel 7 website here: As always feel free to call us at Melbourne Natural Therapies on 03


If you want to earn a reputation in the massage therapy field like other Melbourne Massage professionals do, you need to make sure you get a degree in massage therapy from a reputed university or institute and gain considerable hands-on experience. Massage therapy has quickly emerged as the best alternative to the allopathic treatment in curing many


RELAXED BODY AND MIND Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies remedial massage focuses on improving and maintaining the health of muscles and connective tissues. Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies remedial massage therapists are specially trained to treat injuries and other physical problems that athletes usually confront in the field or while practicing. However, non-athletes can also benefit from this


Remedial Massage | FEEL BETTER TODAY A lot has already been said and written about the various health benefits of massage. However, one should not forget or neglect the fact that only the right kind of massage can assure the right benefits. Luckily, getting the right massage is now very possible at various Melbourne Massage centers.