remedial massage melbourneHow does Remedial Massage work? | Remedial Massage and Post Exercise Recovery

After a remedial massage most of us unquestionably feel good, we feel relaxed, free from pain and muscle tension. But how does remedial massage have such a beneficial effect?

During a remedial massage many physiological and mechanical responses occur in the body. Relaxation that is experienced during a remedial massage is a response of the nervous system to stimulation through touch and the physical manipulation of the soft tissues by our qualified therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies. What occurs is a slowing of your heart and breathing rate, a decrease in blood pressure and a decrease in the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. As the hormones for stress decrease our bodies change from a flight or fright state to a rest and digest state, where the muscles have a chance to relax and repair. This relaxation response increases the available level of hormones such as serotonin, which can positively affect our emotions and is one of the reasons why remedial massage can help with depression and anxiety.

Why is Remedial Massage important? | Remedial Massage and Post Exercise Recovery

There are two major mechanical effects that remedial massage techniques have on the body, as they are applied to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective fascia. The first is an increase in the circulation of blood and lymph. Your blood is packed full of nutrients such as oxygen and when delivery is increased to the muscle cells through massage, cellular health improves and functions more efficiently. When we exercise, the muscles also produce waste products such as lactic acid which can leave us feeling sore for days until the acid levels return to normal. The lymphatic system or the waste disposal system of the body steps in to help cleanse the cells and return them to an optimal state. With many in Melbourne keeping up their fitness regimes and taking part in sporting activities, remedial massage can be effective in reducing post-exercise soreness.

The lengthening of tight or restricted soft tissues to return them to a normalized or balanced state is the second major mechanical effect.  Again, this happens by having a direct effect on the nervous system, where mechanoreceptors in the skin send messages to the brain allowing change to occur to the area being massaged.  The lengthening of muscles and restricted connective fascia can help to prevent injury, reduce muscle fatigue, improve range of motion and enhance exercise performance.

If you would like to incorporate remedial massage into your health and fitness regime feel free to give us a call or book online.

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