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What Is Tendinopathy? | Remedial Massage For Tendinopathy

A tendinopathy loosely means there is an issue with the tendon. This issue is often accompanied by tenderness to the touch and pain, often on movement. You may have heard these 2 terms below:

  • Tendinitis. (inflammation of the tendon)
  • Tendinosis (tears in or around the tendon from overuse)

Many remedial massage therapists in Melbourne now use the term tendinopathy which covers both above terms. For many years any tendon problem was called tendinitis so you will most likely still hear it used alone.

How Can Remedial Massage Help? | Remedial Massage For Tendinopathy

At Melbourne Natural Therapies we use remedial massage effectively in many tendinopathy cases including:

  • supraspinatus tendinopathy (top of the shoulder)
  • tennis elbow
  • Achilles tendinopathy (back of heel)
  • Forearm flexors and extensors (wrist)

Remedial massage can stimulate circulation aiding tissue repair and removing inflammation. Tendinopathies like most injuries need rest and time to heal, however it is necessary to have some movement and stimulation to the area to avoid the tissue becoming stagnant. Stimulation of the tendon is also important to move tissue fluids and to encourage tissue repair.

Remedial massage  can also help with chronic pain associated with tendinopathies, as pain can continue after healing has occurred. This happens because experiencing pain on an ongoing basis can actually make you more sensitive to pain. In a lot of chronic pain cases, the problem is no longer damage to the tissue, but an issue in the nerves causing them to be oversensitive. Remedial massage has an ability to stop this pattern by breaking the cycle and desensitising the area.

Remedial massage can also address any knots in the muscle that have caused the increased strain on the tendon in the first place. This is a really important part of treatment and will decrease the chances of the tendinopathy returning.

If you are experiencing any tendon issues give us a call at Melbourne Natural Therapies and have a chat with one of our remedial massage therapists.

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