remedial massage for rolled shouldersOur therapists at MCNT treat many clients with symptoms such as neck / shoulder pain & headaches that are actually being cause by anterior rotation of the shoulders. One of the major causes of this is the pec muscles in the chest. Many of our clients are surprised to hear that an anterior (front) muscle group could be causing their posterior (back) pain and frustratingly they have often been self treating it by stretching the back when their stretching and treatment should have been targeting the chest. So, how can remedial massage For rolled shoulders help?

The Reasons | Remedial Massage For Rolled Shoulders

Many people in the modern day work environment have chronically tight chest muscles because we spend the majority of our day sitting or standing and doing things with our arms out in front of us like texting, typing, driving, playing video games like w88, and remedial massage (yep we get it too!). Humans were made to move and the shoulder joint in particular was designed to be rotating back and forth all day, as a result getting even use between the anterior and posterior muscle groups.

Some of the main reasons we develop rolled shoulders are:

  1. Many exercise regimes focus on the biceps and chest and forget about the back. If you don’t already have rolled shoulders from exercise, you most likely will start creating muscle imbalances unless you change your training. Work your entire body not just the areas you can see.
  2. Older clients tend to get rounded shoulders from lack of strength, flexibility and years and years of poor posture.
  3. Anyone who sits at a desk for the majority of the day has a much greater chance of developing muscular imbalance.

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When you spend most of your time with your arms in front of you, it can become a habit for you to round the shoulders. As a result of this, the muscles in the upper back and neck strain, overstretch and overwork. Our chest muscles shorten, the muscles between the shoulder blades weaken and the back muscles stretch and lengthen. As a result smaller muscles that are not made to be supportive muscles have to overwork taking a job they were not designed for.

Chest tension can also lead to headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain,  fatigue and difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing pain, you can see a remedial massage therapist and/or a myotherapist who can help with your muscle imbalances, and help realign the body and adjust your training program. If you would like to book an appointment you can visit the Melbourne Natural Therapies online booking page or call us on 03 9645 9923

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