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Myotherapy For Back PainWhat is Lower Back Pain (LBP)

Lower back pain (LBP) also referred to as lumbago is characterised by a sudden and sometimes severe discomfort or pain in the lower back area. For some, it is a one-time issue and settles in a few days or weeks, but unfortunately for many others, it is a persistent problem they have to face for months or even years. According to the some surveys, it is estimated that 70-90% of Australians suffer from acute or chronic lower back pain at some stage during their lifetime. Although painkillers can offer temporary relief from the pain, they do not address the root cause of the problem. For alleviating pain and addressing the root cause of the problem, myotherapy for lower back pain is an extremely effective and safe method available for the treatment of acute or chronic LBP.

Causes of Lower Back Pain | Myotherapy For Back Pain

Lower back pain (acute or chronic) is generally a result of:

  • spinal stenosis
  • a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments
  • osteoarthritis
  • compression of nerves
  • sciatica
  • poor or lack of physical activity
  • herniated disk
  • scoliosis
  • fractures
  • past surgery
  • poor posture
  • lack of sleep

Myotherapy For Back PainSafest Treatment Options for Lower Back Pain (LBP) | Myotherapy For Back Pain

There are a number of surgical as well as non-surgical options available for the treatment of LBP. The right treatment approach will ultimately depend on:

  • the duration of pain
  • the severity of pain
  • the location of pain
  • the type (structural or muscular) of pain

It is always best to consult your GP to make sure the back pain isn’t something more serious and then start with the following treatment options first as they are completely natural and offer no side effects. If these options don’t have results then it is advisable to move on to the medical-assisted treatments.

  • myotherapy for lower back pain
  • application of heating pads or cold packs
  • manual manipulation
  • acupuncture
  • mindfulness meditation
  • lifestyle modifications
  • diet

Back Pain can be very debilitating and incredibly frustrating at times, and taking OTC painkillers may seem like the quickest fix to bring relief, however for a long term fix without side effects, myotherapy for lower back pain can be an excellent option.

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