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remedial massage for shoulder pain The shoulders have been used throughout human history as an indicator of stress. Most of us become aware at points during our day that we are engaging or lifting our shoulders due to increased concentration or general stress, this is a response that harks back to our famous “fight or flight mechanism”.

As a result of this a lot of people get tight shoulders and/or referred headaches towards the end of the day. The modern work environment has caused this to become a very common problem as we are in static positions for long periods and as a result not getting the regular movement though the shoulders that can alleviate this tightness.

How Can We Minimise The Chances Of Shoulder Problems | Remedial Massage For Shoulder Pain

Having worked in Melbourne as a remedial massage therapist for many years I believe the main causes of shoulder pain and dysfunction are muscle weakness, poor posture and irregular periods of over exertion.

Many people are unaware of their shoulder issue until they load the muscles through excessive exercise or activities. It would be natural to draw the conclusion that these activities caused the problem, but in my experience it is a shoulder that is already experiencing issues that eventually malfunctions from the added pressure.

Regular remedial massage not only loosens these muscles and creates balance in the rotator cuff but it gives you an awareness of tight areas that you need to maintain through stretch and exercise before the symptoms arise.  

Is It Frozen Shoulder? | Remedial Massage For Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a restriction of the range of movement in your shoulder and/or pain . It can occur after an injury or repetitive overuse. The muscles in the rotator cuff  stiffen and scar tissue can form. Frozen shoulder often comes on slowly and can take up to a year or more to fully heal.

Remedial massage can help release the tight muscles and increase your range of movement allowing you to get back to you exercise regime. We believe the sooner you return to your activities the sooner the adhesions and muscle tension will resolve. Remedial massage in conjunction with medical care can give you the best chance of recovering quickly and returning to a fully active lifestyle.

If you would like to book an remedial massage consultation  to discuss your shoulder pain give us a call.

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