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Tension Headaches

What Type Of Headache Do I Have?

There are so many different types of headaches, in many cases it is extremely difficult to discern which type you may be experiencing. Many clients come to see our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies convinced they have migraines, when in reality they are experiencing tension headaches. The good news is that tension headaches are way easier to treat than migraines, which tend to be very complicated in their triggers and causes.

Tension headaches are generally caused by muscular tightness mainly in the neck and shoulder region. As muscles are structures that are full of blood and easily released we can treat them very effectively with remedial massage.

How Do We Treat Tension Headaches?

Our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies use a combination of advanced massage techniques, cupping, trigger point and stretches to release the muscles causing the headaches. Many of these muscles are connecting to the sub occipital bone at the base of the skull and hence causing pressure through the skull. Many clients can experience instant relief from their symptoms.

Can I Do Things To Prevent The Headaches Returning?

Absolutely! There are many thing you can do to prevent tension headaches. Our remedial massage therapists will give you home exercises and stretches to maintain the muscles we have released in the session. We find that when our clients regularly do their stretches they return 2-3 times less than our clients who do no home maintenance.

You can also address the things you are doing in your work environment that may be contributing to the tension. Having an ergonomist assess your desk can be a quick and easy solution to any aggravating factors at work. Most employers these days will organise an ergonomist for you. It is also an idea to get up from your desk regularly  and move around, most of these muscles were designed to be constantly active after all.

Home self massage can also be a very effective way to keep the tension at bay. Our remedial massage therapists can show you how to use a foam roller or spiky ball to work on the specific muscles we find are causing the problem.

If you would like to speak with one of our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies about your headaches feel free to call us for a chat.

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