TMJ and bruxism can cause pain or discomfort in your Jaw, Face or neck

remedial massage for bruxismTMJ or bruxism is a painful disorder that 20% of the adult population in Australia experience at some point. As explained when you see Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions website, it is caused by involuntary grinding or clenching of your teeth that can wear down the teeth, crack your teeth, cause headaches, result in poor sleep and pain in your facial muscles. It’s unclear exactly what causes bruxism, although it is thought that symptoms arise from tension in the muscles of your neck, jaw and upper shoulders or the jaw joint itself but click for more info here to know the expert’s opinion on it. At Melbourne Natural Therapies we can help with remedial massage for bruxism

Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJD) is an issue in the jaw joint that can cause Bruxism or arise as a secondary symptom of Bruxism. Muscular dysfunction or an injury to the neck and jaw, movement of the soft disc in of the jaw, degenerative arthritis or malocclusion can cause TMJD. When your jaw joint is not in the correct alignment symptoms such as discomfort in the ear, clicking in the jaw joint, headaches, trouble chewing, pain in your neck, face or shoulders and having trouble opening your mouth wide may be experienced.

What Can I do?

As Bruxism and TMJD have multiple issues associated with them, treatment approaches often include a range of healthcare professionals who work together to lessen the consequences of jaw issues and reduce symptoms. Seeing a dentist for the best aesthetic services here is an important first step, they will assess your overall oral health and check to see that the pain and malfunction is not caused by malocclusion or dental decay. A common dental option for Bruxism and TMJD is an occlusal splint, this is a mouth guard that protects the teeth from wear, spreads the force from grinding and clenching and helps to relax the jaw muscles and reduce other symptoms.

Can Remedial Massage Help?

Our remedial massage therapists can help to increase blood flow to the face neck and jaw muscles, thus increasing nutrients, reducing stress hormones, increasing joint mobility and flexibility. They can also help speed up recovery in soft tissues, reduce adhesions in connective tissue, relax the muscles and reduce pain.

Studies have shown that using remedial massage in conjunction with treatment from your dentist, can help people have the largest improvement in jaw functionality, reduction in pain and  achieve a better quality of life.

Our qualified remedial massage therapists Gemma and Grace use a range of different massage techniques to treat the issues and symptoms related to your TMJD and/or Bruxism. They can use intra-oral massage, using specialised gloves, trigger point therapy and numerous other techniques to achieve effective relief from the tension and pain in and around the jaw.

Anyone who is confused about the procedures, or wants to make an appointment can visit website. If you would like to try remedial massage therapy for the symptoms you are experiencing give us a call or book online.

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