How Can Remedial Massage Help You With Bruxism And TMJ Disorders

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort in your Jaw, Neck or Face?
Do you grind or clench your teeth, especially at night?

Bruxism Remedial MassageBruxism is a disorder that affects up to 20% of the adult population in Melbourne. It is characterised by involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth that can cause severe tooth wear, cracked teeth, headaches, poor sleep and pain in the muscles of mastication. It is unclear what exactly causes Bruxism, although it is believed that symptoms can arise from problems with the muscles in your jaw, neck and shoulders, elevated stress or jaw joint dysfunction.

Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJD) is a misalignment of the jaw joint that can trigger Bruxism or arise as a symptom of Bruxism. Musculoskeletal dysfunction or injury of the jaw and neck, elevated stress levels, arthritis in the jaw joint, movement of the soft disc in the jaw joint or malocclusion can cause TMJD. When your jaw joint is misaligned symptoms such as clicking in the jaw joint, discomfort in the ear, headaches, trouble chewing, pain or tenderness in your face, neck or shoulders and problems opening your mouth wide, may be experienced.

What treatments are available? | Bruxism Remedial Massage

As Bruxism and TMJD are multifactorial disorders, approaches to treatment may include a team of health professionals in Melbourne who work to avoid the consequences of jaw disorders and reduce symptoms. Visiting your dentist is an important first step, to assess your oral health and ensure that pain and dysfunction is not due to dental decay or malocclusion. One of the most employed dental treatments for Bruxism and TMJD is an occlusal splint, a custom made appliance that evens the load of force from grinding and clenching, protects the teeth from wear, helps to relax the jaw muscles and reduce other symptoms.

How Can Remedial Massage Therapy Help? | Bruxism Remedial Massage

Melbourne Natural Therapies remedial massage therapists can aid the stimulation of local blood flow and the transport of muscle nutrients, reduces stress hormones, increases joint mobility and flexibility by preventing adhesions in connective tissue, improve recovery of soft tissue injuries, relax the body, reduce muscle pain and re-establish normal muscle status.

Studies have demonstrated that when remedial massage is applied to the shoulders, neck, face and jaw in combination with assessment and treatment from your dentist, individuals experience the greatest reduction in pain, improvements in jaw functionality and quality of life.

At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, our qualified remedial massage therapists Gemma and Grace apply a range of specialised massage techniques to help treat the symptoms associated with your Bruxism or TMJD. Intra-oral massage, with the use of examination gloves, and trigger point therapy are just some of the techniques that can be performed to provide your jaw with effective relief from tension and pain.

If you would like to incorporate remedial massage therapy into your health management regime, feel free to give us a call or book online.

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