What is TMJD

Dry Needling & Myotherapy For TMJDTMJD stands for Temporomandibular Joint disorder. It is a painful condition that affects over 20% of the adult population in Australia. The causes for TMJD are dependent on a number of factors but the most common are: grinding or clenching your teeth (bruxism) creating an uneven surface which alters a person’s bite (malocclusion) due to wear, muscle compensation due to unusual jaw movements causing headaches, jaw pain or clicking, neck tension, discomfort in the ear, trouble chewing or opening your mouth. Other reasons why a person might develop TMJD are direct trauma, arthritis, and/or stress. TMJD has also been shown to be associated with depression and anxiety.

What Can I do?

As TMJD has multiple issues associated with it, treatment approaches often include a range of healthcare professionals like Gabriel Hershman who work together to lessen the consequences of jaw issues and reduce symptoms. Visiting the dental office is an important first step. They will assess your overall oral health and check to see that the pain and malfunction is not caused by malocclusion or dental decay. A common dental option for TMJD is an occlusal splint, a mouth guard that protects the teeth from wear, spreads the force from grinding and clenching, and helps to relax the jaw muscles and reduce other symptoms.

Can Dry needling & myotherapy help with TMJD?

Studies have shown that dry needling and myotherapy can help to reduce pain symptoms associated with TMJD, increase blood flow to the face, neck, and jaw muscles, eliminate myofascial trigger points, and increase joint mobility and flexibility. It is safe and simple, and can even help speed up recovery in soft tissues by promoting the natural healing process in our bodies. In conjunction with treatment from your dentist, dry needling can help improve jaw functionality and help people achieve a better quality of life.

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