Why Do Deep Tissue Massages Hurt

Much like any other massage, such as relaxation massage or Swedish massage, deep tissue massage utilises the same techniques and modalities to eliminate pain and/or repair sore muscles, however the amount of pressure applied on the affected areas of the body is much more profound in the case of DTM as the goal is to reach the deepest layers of the tissue surrounding the muscles (called fascia).

The deep tissue massage therapist aims to break away the scar tissues (adhesions) found deep inside the muscles in order to release chronic muscle tension and bring relief. So, for many DTM therapists, the answer to the question, “why do deep tissue massages hurt” is pretty simple and straightforward, it is due to the amount of pressure applied to the muscles of the affected body part in order to break away the scar tissues that some people may feel the pain and soreness afterward.

Since this type of massage therapy is intended for relieving stiffness, contracted areas of the body, muscle knots, and muscle tightness, the massage therapists apply the pressure and use deep strokes to reach the inner layers of the muscle fibres and rigid tissues. The pressure is gradually increased and the strokes intensified in order to reach the deeper layers and break the adhesions. While there may be some discomfort, it is important for you to notify your massage therapist if the pain and discomfort is outside of your pain threshold. Once your masseuse is aware of your pain threshold, he/she will adjust the pressure accordingly.

As a result of constant stimulation, the patient may also experience some inflammation on the treated area. However, this is nothing to worry about as the inflammation will subside within a couple of days and the pain will go away.

Another reason DTM may hurt is if it is done by an inexperienced massage therapist who may use unnecessary force or may aggravate an old injury. Therefore choosing an experienced massage therapist and relaying past injuries to your masseuse is very important and can save you from a lot of pain and agony.

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Why Do Deep Tissue Massages Hurt?
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