low level laser therapyLow Level Laser Therapy And Remedial Massage

LLLT is and excellent addition to remedial massage treatment. At Melbourne Natural Therapies we offer combination sessions to allow you to get the benefits of both modalities. Remedial massage is highly effective at reducing muscle tension and trigger points in the body, however with the addition of LLLT we can speed up the healing process, reduces inflammation and decrease nerve sensitivity.

How does laser work? | Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT is a treatment that produces photochemical change in the bodies cells (similar to photosynthesis in plants). The main response from laser occurs in the mitochondria. To achieve this effect we need to apply the correct wavelength produced with sufficient power, and deliver it to the correct location. Pulses in the light can improve tissue repair and increase the anti-inflammatory effect.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of low level laser therapy in greater detail give us a call.

Session Fees

Remedial Massage & Laser
30 mins – $100
45 mins – $115
60 mins – $130

Myotherapy & Laser
30 mins – $105
45 mins – $120
60 mins – $135

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