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Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

Pregnancy is a very exciting and sometimes challenging time in a woman’s life. From conception to birth, there are many changes occurring in a woman’s body, physically from the growth of the baby and physiologically from the release of pregnancy hormones that help a mother’s body prepare for labour. The pregnancy massage provided by Melbourne Natural Therapies is a very safe and highly effective treatment to help alleviate some of the aches, pains and emotional stress that may accompany this wonderful time of reproduction and new life.

Myths | Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the safety of Pregnancy Massage. Massage is a very safe and effective complimentary treatment to have during all stages of pregnancy and can often be recommended for many conditions. In some pregnancies, there are conditions that affect multiple body systems and are considered high-risk, especially if poorly managed. In these instances pregnancy massage is contraindicated. However, some mothers who are considered as having a high risk pregnancy may still be able to receive pregnancy massage if medical clearance is provided by their prenatal health care provider.

For the optimum position and saftey of mother and baby, pregnancy massage in our Melbourne clinics is performed in a side-lying position from approximately 14 weeks gestation. Whilst you may have heard about massage tables that allow mothers to lye face down well into their 3rd trimester, we find most mothers prefer the side lying position for comfort.

The benefits of a side-lying position include:

-reduces the strain on uterine ligaments

-avoids an increase to intrauterine pressure

-avoids hypotension -pressure on the sinus is minimised

-reduces the strain on the lumbar spine and pelvis

-enables the therapist to effectively treat the key muscles associated with pregnancy including the gluteals, shoulder muscles and promotes rib cage release

In any case, no pregnancy is the same. Our qualified pregnancy massage therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies will always work in conjunction with your unique presentation to provide the best possible treatment and outcomes for you and your baby.

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Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

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