Looking after yourself through winterLooking After Yourself Through Winter

Dealing with bone-chilling winds and cold / damp can be a serious concern for many of us, especially as we age. Whether it’s general muscle pain, arthritis, dry skin, sinus problems, or winter-related injuries, the winter season brings with it a host of potential ailments. So, what can you do to keep the physical issues at bay? Well, we believe one of the obvious way of looking after yourself through winter and keeping the muscle and joint pains at bay is to include regular remedial massage sessions in your winter schedule.

Don’t let the cold and gray weather get you down, follow these simple tips to stay pain-free during the winter season:

Stay Active | Looking After Yourself Through Winter


The cold winds and gray weather may tempt you to stay inside doing little activity. Lack of physical activity can have severe consequences on your body. Your muscles and joints will become stiff and painful. Lack of physical activity will also decrease your range of motion and you may also end up putting on a few kg’s. The best way to stay pain-free in winter is to stay active. If you don’t feel like going to a gym, you can start yoga classes or do some light exercise at home.

Stay Hydrated | Looking After Yourself Through Winter


During the winter season, we tend to drink less water which can lead to dehydration. Dehydration can cause general soreness, muscles cramps and lethargy. Therefore, make sure you drink plenty of water during the winter season and keep your body well-hydrated at all times.

Stretch for More Flexibility | Looking After Yourself Through Winter


Another good way of looking after yourself through winter is to perform some light stretching exercises on regular basis. light stretching exercises before and after workouts will help lengthen your short, tight muscles.

Remedial Massage Therapy | Looking After Yourself Through Winter


Last but not the least another way of looking after yourself through winter is to include remedial massage therapy to your routine. This will help you take care of the muscular and joint pains that you may experience in the winter season. Remedial massage will not only address any postural imbalances that may be the cause of the musculoskeletal aches and pains, they will also help restore your muscles to their optimal resting length.

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