remedial massage for disk buldge

While there are a myriad of spinal disc related injuries/issues that can cause severe pain in the lower back region, disk bulge is probably the most common and an awfully painful condition that can be debilitating and make life a living hell. The severity of the symptoms will depend on how much nerve impingement is present and how much muscular tension is involved. The good news is that a number of holistic, non-invasive treatment options are available for disc bulge; remedial massage for disk bulge is one of them.

What is disk bulge?

In plain and simple terms, disc bulge, protruding disk, slipped disk or herniated disc is a common spinal injury which occurs when an intervertebral disc loses its typical shape and compresses a spinal nerve. Intervertebral discs are the spongy-cushioning matter present in the centre of the vertebrae. When it occurs in the neck region it is called cervical herniated disc, whereas herniated disc in the lower back region is called lumbar herniated disk.

There are a number of factors which can increase the risk of developing disc bulging, some of them are:

  • poor posture
  • trauma
  • heredity
  • lifestyle choices
  • poor diet
  • ageing
  • daily wear and tear
  • chemical changes
  • hormonal changes


The most common signs and symptoms of disk bulging are:

Lumbar Disk Bulge Symptoms

  • muscle tightness or cramping
  • referred pain or sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • tingling sensation in legs or feet
  • weakness in legs or feet

Cervical Disk Bulge Symptoms

  • muscle tightness or cramping
  • weakness in arms or hands
  • neck pain
  • referred pain or cervical radiculopathy
  • tingling sensation in arms or hands

Treatment Options for Disk Bulge

Depending on the duration and severity of symptoms, the prognosis of the condition, and your physical and mental health status, your doctor may recommend any or a combination of the following treatment options:

  • Non-Surgical Treatments
    • rest
    • changing daily activities
    • ice/heat therapy
    • using NSAIDs
    • physical therapy
    • remedial massage for disk bulge
    • medications
    • chiropractic care (consider the services provided by carlton chiropractic centre)
  • Surgery

Surgery is used as the last resort when no improvement is noted after using all the above treatment options. An important consideration for many therapists is whether or not to use any massage or physical therapy on patients suffering from disk bulge issues. Therefore, before seeking remedial massage for disk bulge it is always a good idea to consult your family doctor or a GP.

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