Remedial Massage for Frozen Shoulder

remedial massage for frozen shoulderLately, more and more people are complaining about pain, stiffness, and limited range of movement in their shoulder Рa condition commonly known as frozen shoulder. In the medical world, it is referred to as adhesive capsulitis and is a type of syndrome that is characterised by idiopathic restriction of the shoulder movement. A person suffering from frozen shoulder is generally not able to lift his/her arm over the head and therefore not able to perform various overhead activities such as reaching for a high shelf, replacing a bulb, lifting a child,  reaching behind the back, or participating in certain sports activities. Although not the only solution, remedial massage for frozen shoulder can be an excellent option to treat and relieve frozen shoulder symptoms.

Since it is an idiopathic condition, it is hard to identify the underlying causes of pain and stiffness associated with frozen shoulder. The patient usually experiences a progressive pain in one shoulder which becomes intense with the passage of time, resulting in gradual loss of shoulder’s range of motion. ¬†Under the acute condition, the patient may lose up to 85% of normal joint mobility. Adhesive capsulitis occurs in one shoulder only, however people who suffer from this condition may develop it on the other shoulder later in life.

Treatment Options for Frozen Shoulder

There are many treatment options for frozen shoulder, remedial massage for frozen shoulder is certainly something we encourage but we also encourage seeking a medical approach simultaneously. Remedial massage is especially effective during the initial stage when the pain and inflammation are not very extreme in nature. A professional remedial massage therapist may use specific stretching exercises or provide expert hands-on manual treatment for soft tissue mobilisation in order to alleviate the pain, reduce stiffness and restore mobility of the shoulder. An experienced remedial massage therapist may use some or all of the following massage techniques to effectively treat adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder):

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Swedish Massage Therapy
  • Stretching Exercises