Health Fund Rebates For Remedial MassageDo you use health fund rebates for remedial massage? Have you been using your policy effectively? We often talk to clients that don’t use all their extras or don’t even realise they have remedial massage included. Remedial massage is an excellent way to look after your physical health, this is the main reason health funds encourage their members to include remedial massage into their health regime. Our remedial massage therapists are all registered with the major health funds, so after your session you will only need to pay the gap amount (difference). At both of our clinics we offer remedial massage and myotherapy, most health funds cover both treatments. Read on for more information on the process of claiming a health fund rebate.

Health Fund Rebates For Remedial Massage

Using your health fund for your health may sound obvious (what else is private health cover for?) but we are often surprised at how many clients say they have never used their health fund for any extras before. If you use your health insurance effectively it can be an easy and financially manageable way to implement and sustain healthy practices into your lifestyle.

What will my private health cover?

This depends on which fund your are with and what level of cover you have chosen. The easiest way to find out exactly what you will receive is to search the internet or contact a company that specialises in health insurance comparisons such as iselect or compare the market. It’s always worth comparing health insurance companies especially if you have had a policy for years. Health funds are always changing and upgrading their policies so there may have been some major changes that suit your health needs much better than your current policy. 

Many basic policies will cover out of pocket hospital expenses only. Others can provide you with private hospital cover and ambulance cover. Mid level policies often cover other items including optical, general dental, MBS pharmaceuticals, chiropractic, podiatry, physiotherapy and psychology. The mid to high level policies generally cover other ancillary or extras services such as remedial massage and myotherapy, and sometimes a whole range of others. It’s a good idea to check the policies for specific exclusions or waiting periods. Each fund will also have different amounts you can claim back per year so it’s worth looking around to see which policy will give you a good rebate on the services you use most.

How much of a rebate can I expect to get?

You need to ask your health insurer, as every policy differs and each fund offers different policies; this is why it’s always an idea to shop around and find the policy that’s right for you. When choosing a fund and policy take into account what treatment types you want to include and how often you will be using them. If you have treatment more frequently you may want to look at a higher level of cover that offers rebates for the types of treatment you like.

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