anxiety and depressionWe don’t recommend that remedial massage or any alternative therapies be the sole form of treatment for anxiety and depression, however remedial massage can be a great addition to a healthy diet, balanced exercise and counselling/medical treatment.

For moderate anxiety and depression, remedial massage therapy can accomplish physical changes that can’t be achieved through medications or psychotherapy. People suffering from anxiety/depression often have muscular and/or structural issues associated with their condition. The degree of these issues ultimately depends on the duration and severity of the anxiety and depression. Remedial massage therapists use different massage techniques to release the muscular tension and correct the structural imbalances that can exacerbate the depression/anxiety, and the therapist  will give you maintenance stretches and exercises to maintain the body between sessions.

The remedial massage therapists working at remedial massage Melbourne use a combination of proven massage techniques to assist the body to regain a better posture and reduce pain and other symptoms. They target the soft tissues of the body to facilitate relaxation and realignment of the body. Remedial massage is different than other forms of massages in the sense that the remedial massage therapists first take a detailed medical history of the patient and go through various tests in order to determine the best course of techniques and treatments for them as an individual.  By using multiple different techniques, the remedial massage therapist targets the restricted areas in the muscles to release physical tension and help reduce the physical component of you condition. Remedial massage is also helpful in increasing mental clarity and heightening alertness.

In order to achieve maximum benefits, you need to combine remedial massage with other anxiety and depression treatment options to achieve a holistic approach to your specific condition.

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