melbourne remedial massageWhether it is the impaired/damaged muscles or the tendons that are causing the pain and restricting your mobility, remedial massage is an excellent form of treatment to prevent and treat injuries, pain, and soreness. Remedial therapists use a range of techniques collectively termed as “remedial massage therapy” to systematically assess and treat soft tissues,  including ligaments, muscles, tendons,  and connective tissues of the body.

Our therapists rely on the following treatment modalities that are designed to treat both deep and superficial tissues of the body:

Deep Tissue Massage

The basic purpose of using deep tissue is to break up any tension or adhesions that build up as a result of an injury, damage or overuse. The remedial therapist uses different parts of his/her body such as elbows, thumbs, flat of the fist, or palms to achieve the desired results.

Soft Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, this type of massage is less intense and gentler in nature and is applied directly to the affected muscles and other soft tissues of the body with an aim to increase blood circulation, relax the muscles, improve healing time and reduce inflammation.

Trigger Point Therapy

In this type of treatment, the remedial massage therapists target the hyper-irritable (painful) points within the muscle tissues with an aim to manually deactivate these trigger points, often by applying direct pressure to the area. Once the pressure is released, the blood floods to the affected area and kick-starts the tissue/muscle repairing process.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

In this treatment modality, the remedial therapists target “fascia” – the superficial to deep layers of the connective tissue of the body. By applying sustained pressure fascia is directly manipulated with an aim to allow the connective tissue fibers to realign and reorganize themselves in a more functional and flexible manner.  

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