Remedial Massage For Sciatic Pain

remedial massage for sciatic painSciatica pain is a common issue that can cause pain from the lower back, hip, down the leg and sometimes to the foot through the sciatic nerve. If the sciatic nerve becomes irritated or compressed, it causes anything from mild to severe pain that can radiate from the section of nerve that is irritated down part or all of the nerve. Remedial massage can significantly reduced or eliminate the symptoms of sciatica. 

What Is The Sciatic Nerve

Our sciatic nerve is one of the biggest nerves in our body. It begins in the spinal cord in the lower back and travels through the glutes and down through the legs.

The sciatic nerve activates the muscles of the lower leg, including the back of the knee, the calf and ankle. It is also responsible for feedback of sensation to the the entire lower leg,  the bottom of the foot, ankle and the back of the thigh.

Many things can cause sciatica including:

Some pain medications can provide almost instant relief from the pain of sciatica, but unfortunately the relief is often temporary. Our remedial massage therapists can not only relieve the pain of sciatica but they also address the cause of the pain. It’s important to keep in mind that not all the cases of sciatica can benefit from remedial massage, especially if the underlying cause is not a muscular problem. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before seeking treatment. 

If you are experiencing sciatic pain and would like to speak with one of our therapists regarding treatment give us a call. 

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Remedial Massage For Sciatic Pain
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