What is Good PostureMany people that come into our clinics believe they have bad posture. Poor posture can be a sign of many different things occurring in your body. Your posture, or the way you hold yourself and move often relates to your physical health/habits as well as your emotional and stress levels.

Achieving better posture requires much more than simply trying to sit up straight or consciously adjust yourself at your work station. Physical treatments such as remedial massage and myotherapy will not only help correct muscular imbalances but also help you to become more aware of your habitual patterns and how they affect your body. A highly qualified therapist will encourage you to establish new patterns of movement through stretching and strengthening which is a vital part of creating real, lasting change. In many cases, poor posture is caused by tension and/or weakness in your muscles. Muscle tension can cause the muscles to also become weak as the tension makes the fibres in your muscles shorten thus making the overall ability of the muscle to contract limited. As a result you may not have the ability or strength to stand or sit easily even when consciously trying to do so.

Muscular tensions and weaknesses in the body which results in poor posture and structural misalignments can also cause pain, discomfort and limited range of movement, which in turn can make you more susceptible to injury when participating in sports or other activities. Sometimes What is good postureeven simply sitting at your desk can cause pain and discomfort. In static positions we are more likely to do things unevenly. In a sitting position most people have a tendency to lean to one side, cross the legs or hold undue tension in their dominant side. Often when standing the habit is to support with one leg more than the other. These actions can result in an increase of muscular imbalances and as a result cause more pain, discomfort or injury.

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