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Myotherapy For Neck Pain

Myotherapy For Neck Pain The neck and cervical spine is the most mobile part of our body, as a result it is very susceptible to injury, especially when put under excessive strain or repetitive use. Neck pain is one of the most common problems faced by our modern population and there are many reasons behind

Myotherapy Vs Remedial Massage | What’s The Difference

  Myotherapy Vs Remedial Massage This is a topic that confuses many of our clients (and occasionally us too). There are some clear differences, however you can receive treatment from therapists of both modalities that appears to be almost exactly the same. The Education | Myotherapy vs Remedial Massage I think the best starting point

Common Conditions That Can Be Treated | Myotherapy Melbourne

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All of our bones and muscles are surrounded by compact, tough tissue called Myofascia. Under normal conditions, the Myofascia is relaxed and soft and allows for easy movement and flexibility, however, when inflammation or physical trauma occurs, the Myofascia loses its pliability and creates stiffness, causing pain and tension throughout the body. The pain associated

3 Key Benefits Of Myotherapy

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Whether you are suffering from postural problems, joint pains, neck and back pain, or any other form of musculoskeletal issues, visiting our Myotherapy Melbourne clinic may provide you the kind of long term pain relief that you’ve been looking for. The benefits of Myotherapy are not just confined to aiding in muscular release; it offers long

Neck Pain? | Myotherapy Melbourne Natural Therapies

Neck Pain, Why Does It Happen? Our Myotherapists are regularly treating clients suffering from neck pain. Neck pain can have a significant impact on your life causing sharp pain, dull ache, headaches or an inability to move comfortably. Luckily in the majority of cases neck pain is easily treated with Myotherapy at Melbourne Natural Therapies.

Massage and cupping treatment in Melbourne CBD       

  Massage and cupping At Melbourne Natural Therapies we offer remedial massage and myotherapy treatment. Our massage therapists use a variety techniques and tools to most effectively treat myofascial pain and one of the treatments we find clients in Melbourne are regularly asking about is cupping. At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies we offer traditional flame

Myotherapy for RSI | Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies

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What is RSI? | Myotherapy for RSI RSI is an overuse injury, it happens from repetition of the same movements causing inflammation and damage to the soft tissues (muscles, nerves, tendons and tendon sheaths etc.) How Can Myotherapy Help? | Myotherapy for RSI Our Remedial Massage Therapists and Myotherapists use many different techniques to alleviate RSI symptoms

Posture and Remedial Massage/Myotherapy

  Posture is a sign of many different things occurring in your body. Some causes of poor posture can arise from your physical habits and/or your emotional and stress related patterns. Good posture is much more than simply sitting up straight or consciously adjusting yourself at your work station or chosen activity. Your ability to