Pregnancy Massage For Back Pain

Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural, and extraordinary phase of a woman’s life, however it can bring with it back pain, sore joints, pelvic pain, and leg cramps. According to a survey conducted by the American Pregnancy Association between 60-70% of pregnant women experience back pain at some stage during their pregnancy, especially in their second and

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  Although poor posture, impinged nerves, inflammation and disk bulges are often considered the primary causes of back pain, other factors such as misalignment, injury, general wear and tear, and infections can also play their role in triggering back pain. Since back pain is a symptom, it is important that the root cause of the

Pain That Can Be Treated With Remedial Massage

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  Although most people can benefit from a regular relaxation or remedial massage, there are certain signs that can give you the indication that you need to visit Remedial Massage Melbourne. If you experience any of the following conditions, pick up the phone and book an appointment with one of our remedial massage therapists: Joint Disorders

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All of our bones and muscles are surrounded by compact, tough tissue called Myofascia. Under normal conditions, the Myofascia is relaxed and soft and allows for easy movement and flexibility, however, when inflammation or physical trauma occurs, the Myofascia loses its pliability and creates stiffness, causing pain and tension throughout the body. The pain associated

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  Cupping and Remedial Massage At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we provide both traditional (flame) and vacuum (piston) myofascial cupping i we always combine cupping and remedial massage Myofascial cupping or ‘cupping’ is a form of myofascial release, which aims to restore optimum function to all soft tissues. Unlike traditional manual forms of myofascial release, such

Lower Back Pain And Remedial Massage | Melbourne Natural Therapies

  Lower Back Pain Our remedial massage therapists estimate that over 60% of patients that come through the Melbourne clinic complain of lower back pain. Interestingly many of these clients don’t have excessively tight lower back muscles but do have extremely tight hamstrings and psoas (hip flexor). Causes | Lower Back Pain Many of our day

Remedial Massage For Sciatic Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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Remedial Massage For Sciatic Pain Sciatica is a condition that causes nerve pain through the sciatic nerve which travels from the lower back, through the glutes, down the inside of the legs and all the way to the feet. The sciatic nerves are two of the longest nerves in our bodies. when part of the

Remedial Massage For Lower Back Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage For Lower Back Pain Some statistics show that 80% of adults will experience lower back pain at some stage in their lives. It is one of the most common complaints our remedial massage therapists are treating in our Melbourne office. The good news is lower back pain is something that can be prevented

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Lower Back Pain? Remedial Massage Can Help Are you experiencing Lower Back Pain? Well you’re not alone. Some studies by the University of Sydney show lower back pain accounts for a third of all work related disability. What can we do to fix this? | Remedial Massage Can Help A lot of employers are implementing

Alexander technique for Back Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

  Alexander technique for Back Pain You may not have heard of Alexander technique but it is one of the best treatments for reducing back pain and for preventing its re-occurrence long term. Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies based in Southbank and only 5 minutes’ walk from Melbourne CBD offers Alexander technique amongst other complementary musculoskeletal