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Lower Back Pain and Remedial Massage

remedial massage for disk buldge

Lower Back Pain Lower back pain is the primary reason clients visit our therapists here at MCNT, with an estimate of over 60% of complaints related to lower back pain. Many of these clients, surprisingly, don’t have tight lower back muscles but instead do have extremely tight hamstrings and hip flexors (psoas).    Causes | […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Massage

pregnancy massage

While pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, it frequently comes with several physical problems such leg cramps, back pain, and stiff joints. According to an American Pregnancy Association survey, back discomfort affects between 60% and 70% of expectant mothers at some point in the pregnancy. Many women report experiencing this pain in […]

Lower Leg Pain Treatment

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Lower Leg Pain Treatment At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we provide effective remedial massage treatment for conditions concerning lower leg pain and feet, at both our Southbank and Collins Street, Melbourne CBD clinic locations where you can find CBDDY: delta 8 carts. Some of the common lower leg pain we address include:       Plantar Fasciitis       Achilles tendonitis […]


  SPORTS INJURY RECOVERY We see a lot of sports injuries at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies. A large proportion of these injuries are brought on by improper warm-up before demanding exercise, undue strain, and improper technique during training. The unpredictable nature of sports renders it exceedingly difficult for those who are very active to completely […]

How Chronic Pain Affects Emotional Wellbeing

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Navigating through prolonged discomfort can indeed take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. Whether it’s a temporary setback lasting a week or an enduring struggle with chronic pain, maintaining a positive mindset becomes crucial. Picture this: waking up each day with no relief in sight. It’s in these moments that small gestures, such as receiving […]

Reduce The Chance Injuries With Remedial Massage

Remedial or Deep Tissue Massage

Reducing the Risk of Injury Remedial Massage can be used as an essential tool in any health routine, with applications including pain management and stress relief. With Summer here, many clients visiting our Melbourne clinics rely on remedial massage to aid stiffness and soreness after exercising, permitting harder workouts, thus allowing them to get into […]

Arthritis Pain And Remedial Massage | Melbourne Natural Therapies

What's The Difference Between Acute And Chronic Pain

What is Arthritis? | Arthritis Pain And Remedial Massage The term arthritis is used to cover over 100 different medical conditions that relate to the musculoskeletal system, and in particular, joints. 3.85 million Australians suffer from the effects of arthritis, making it the biggest cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, as well as […]

Myotherapy and Dry Needling for Tennis Elbow

Remedial Massage for Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow and what causes it? Tennis Elbow is the common name for a condition called Lateral Epicondylalgia. This condition affects 1-3% of the population and is caused by a degenerative change in the extensor muscle tendon of the forearm, specifically, the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle. It’s believed that the main reason […]

Myotherapy and Dry Needling For TMJD Issues

remedial massage for bruxism

What is TMJD TMJD stands for Temporomandibular Joint disorder. It is a painful condition that affects over 20% of the adult population in Australia. The causes for TMJD are dependent on a number of factors but the most common are: grinding or clenching your teeth (bruxism) creating an uneven surface which alters a person’s bite […]

Myotherapy For Headaches

Headache Treatment

Myotherapy For Headaches A large percentage of our population suffer from headaches these days due to our labor-intensive, sedentary work culture. A recent survey that was conducted by the World Health Organisation showed that tension-type headaches are among the most prevalent pain related issues facing humans. People often find relief from pain-killers or rest, however […]