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Strengthening Around The Knee Joint

knee exercise

The knee joint is primarily a hinge joint. Simplified, the quadriceps, a group of muscles along the front of the thigh, work to extend the leg at the knee joint (straighten it) and the hamstrings, a group of muscles along the back of the thigh, work to bend the leg at the knee joint.

Standing Pilates | Pilates Skier Exercise

Pilates skier exercise

From standing, fold at the hip, knee and ankle joints into a small squat position maintaining length in the spine. Engage through the deep core muscles and transfer the weight into one leg without dropping or hitching one side of the pelvis

Ankle Strength Exercise

ankle strength exercise

Weak ankles may put you at increased risk of injury due to problems with balance, stability and altered locomotion. Conversely, strong, mobile ankle joints will allow for efficient gait, increased propulsion, improved ability to navigate uneven terrain and a reduction in injuries at other joints throughout the body. Use this ankle strength exercise to help your ankles.