Remedial Massage for Postural Imbalances

One of the most common muscular imbalances we see in our Melbourne clinic is excessively tight chest muscles and weak back muscles. This is generally caused by spending long periods with our arms outstretched using keyboards, smart phones, tablets or driving. This results in shortening of the pec muscles in the chest and lengthening of the rhomboids and teres group in the back.

This imbalance causes the shoulder blades to sit further out from the spine than they normally would and the shoulders to be rotated forward. This incorrect positioning of the shoulders can also lead to headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies deal with these imbalances by treating both the weak and tight muscles as both will have trigger points (knots). They also provide clients with exercises to do at home or their gym to stretch the tight muscles at the front and strengthen the back muscles to draw the shoulder blades back into a more stable position thus reducing pressure on the neck and shoulders and reducing or eliminating the symptoms.

Addressing muscular imbalance through remedial massage can help an you use your body in a more efficient manner making exercise more effective and reducing the possibility of injury. It can also give you an increased awareness of you habitual movement patterns and as a result improve your ‘posture’.

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Remedial Massage for Postural Imbalances
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