Headaches & Jaw Pain

Pregnancy Massage For Headaches | Pregnancy Massage Melbourne

Pregnancy Massage For Headaches A woman’s body goes through a lot of physical, physiological, emotional, psychological, and hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes can trigger new aches and pains. Although they are not usually a cause of concern, headaches are one of the most common sources of pain experienced by women during pregnancy. Getting a


Myotherapy For Headaches The percentage of people suffering from “headache disorders” is on the rise these days, thanks to our labor-intensive and sedentary working culture. According to a survey conducted by the WHO, tension-type headaches and migraines are among the most prevalent disorders of mankind. A pain-killer or some rest is often all you need

Remedial Massage For Jaw Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

  Remedial Massage For Jaw Pain Many of our remedial massage clients at Melbourne Natural Therapies suffer from jaw pain. It is a very common problem with people working in desk jobs and/or high stress positions. It often affects people between 20-40 but can affect people of all ages. This condition is often referred to

Tension Headaches & Remedial Massage | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Tension Headaches & Remedial Massage | Melbourne Natural Therapies What Type Of Headache Do I Have? There are so many different types of headaches, in many cases it is extremely difficult to discern which type you may be experiencing. Many clients come to see our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies convinced they have

How Can Remedial Massage Help You With Bruxism And TMJ Disorders

Do you suffer from pain or discomfort in your Jaw, Neck or Face? Do you grind or clench your teeth, especially at night? Bruxism is a disorder that affects up to 20% of the adult population in Melbourne. It is characterised by involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth that can cause severe tooth wear,