Cal Savage

Remedial Massage Therapist | Director

Moving to Melbourne in 2007, Cal completed a 3 year full-time Alexander technique teacher training course. She had regularly suffered from back pain and headaches in her teenage years and since learning how to use her body more effectively, she now describes her previous posture as ‘bum out, boobs out’ and realises it was no wonder she was in pain. She completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Endeavour College in 2011 after needing a student visa to continue living in Australia but fortunately found out she really enjoyed giving massage. After trying to complete some half marathons she undertook Pilates instructor training in 2014 with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute on the advice from her physio who told her ‘if you learn Pilates you won’t need to see us so much’. She has also done further training in myofascial cupping, dry needling and laser therapy.

Having a range of techniques at her disposal, Cal is able to use a blend of Alexander technique, Pilates and massage in individually tailored sessions. As a remedial massage therapist she uses deep tissue massage techniques, dry needling, cupping and myofascial release and can provide stretch, strength and postural awareness exercises to those clients interested in reaching optimal performance. She enjoys everything from providing ‘just a good massage’ to treating and resolving injury. She has a particular interest in identifying habitual patterns of posture and use within the body which may be resulting in pain and discomfort.

Cal makes every effort to improve her skills by regular work exchanges with practitioners of other modalities which has extended her knowledge of the human body and its ability to move with ease, strength, balance and poise given the right help. She has referral networks with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, exercise physiologists, acupuncturists and strength and conditioning coaches and is sure to only refer to those she has personal experience of. Most of that personal experience coming from the fact that she’s needed to see one or other of them at some time to treat her own aches and pains.

Prior to becoming an Alexander technique teacher and remedial massage therapist, Cal achieved her BA (hons) degree in Drama at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She loved living by the sea on the west coast of Wales and continues her love of being by the water by living in Bayside. The water is almost as cold. She became a business partner of Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies in 2012, since which time it has grown from a small practice in Southbank to now occupying clinic rooms in 3 locations. 

Cal has also trained in canine remedial massage and runs a second small business, DogsBody Health, providing remedial massage and laser treatments to dogs in the Bayside area. Cal regularly fosters greyhounds for Gumtree Greys, alongside her own greyhound, Bobby. If you own a greyhound, or are interested in greyhounds, you and Cal are going to get along just fine. Aside from walking the dogs, Cal enjoys weight training, the occasional (short) run, Pilates and yoga. This interest in movement and exercise has led her into a career where she helps you to use your body more effectively and she looks forward to sharing her skills and her passion with you very soon.

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