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The saying ” it’s a pain in the neck” is often used to explain how bad things are. For many office workers throughout Melbourne, this term can be taken literally. At Melbourne Natural Therapies one of the main issues our remedial massage therapists are ask to treat is neck and/or shoulder pain.

What Causes Neck Pain? | Remedial Massage For Neck Pain

Often neck pain is caused by simple things, like bad posture at your workstation, sitting for long periods and staring at screens for hours without any movement through the neck. As a result of the lack of movement our muscles can become dehydrated and stiff. Other causes can include arthritis, whiplash, a pinched nerve, muscle strain and degeneration. Whether it’s chronic or is only recent, neck pain can be relieved by remedial massage.

HOW MASSAGE HELPS | Remedial Massage For Neck Pain

Regular remedial massage can reduce the tension in your neck muscles aswell as reduce the chances of the tension recurring. Remedial massage has been shown to not only stretch and lengthen the muscles but also increase circulation which bring oxygen, hydration and nutrients to the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

Another group of muscles that can cause the posterior neck and shoulder muscles to produce symptoms is the chest. Most of us spend the majority of our day with our arms outstretched in front of us. This position shortens the anterior chest muscles and lengthens and weakens the posterior neck and shoulder muscles.  When this imbalance occurs we end up with a forward head posture which can impinge nerves in the posterior neck and cause fatigue which result in pain. 

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