Postural Issues

Sit Up Straighter More Easily | Seated Exercise

Roll up onto the sit bones by imagining a little more space between your pubic bone and your ribcage….

Is Sitting Down Too Long At The Office The Cause Of Your Back Pain?

Chairs, whether office chairs, lab chairs, school chairs, home chairs or sofas are meant to provide us maximum comfort so that we can perform the desired functions or enjoy our free time. Unfortunately, this is not always true and there is more and more evidence showing that prolonged sitting whether at home or office can

Remedial Massage To Help Your Posture

This is a difficult question! It really depends on how you define the term “posture” as it can mean many different things. Definition: “The position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose” (Merriam-Webster). Posture or Structure? | Can Remedial Massage Help Posture? If you google ‘posture’ you will see the

Steps to Better Posture For Office Workers

Do you think you have poor posture? Do you think your desk is to blame? What steps have you taken to improve your posture?

Self Massage For Office Workers

Have you ever complained that work is literally a pain in the neck?! Many office workers report feelings of stiffness, soreness, tightness, pain and restriction, particularly in their neck, back, shoulders and hips. Why is that and what causes it? There are of course many reasons which vary from person to person. We have outlined

Pec Stretch | Stretches For Rounded Shoulders

Doing a pec stretch regularly can be a great option for modern workers. A common postural complaint and one that can be exacerbated by office work is forward or rounded shoulders.

Levator Scapulae Stretch | Excellent Neck Stretch For Computer Workers

This Levator Scapulae Stretch can be used daily to maintain flexibility in the neck.

Your Postural Health Goals | Remedial Massage Melbourne CBD

  Your Postural Health Goals Like all  forms of treatment there are  things  a remedial massage therapist should be aware of and as a result it is important to find a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. All of our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies are fully qualified and have years of experience

Remedial Massage for Postural Imbalances | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage for Postural Imbalances One of the most common muscular imbalances we see in our Melbourne clinic is excessively tight chest muscles and weak back muscles. This is generally caused by spending long periods with our arms outstretched using keyboards, smart phones, tablets or driving. This results in shortening of the pec muscles in

Pilates Melbourne – For Core Strength | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Pilates Melbourne Having practiced in Melbourne for the past 10 years I have found that time and time again clients tell me that they have a sore back because they have a weak core. Whilst people are aware that there is some correlation between the muscles of their back and their ‘core’ muscles, many don’t

What is Good Posture?

Poor posture can be a sign of many different things occurring in your body. Your posture and the way you move can be a clue as to your physical habits as well as emotional and stress related patterns. Good posture is much more than simply trying to sit up straight or consciously adjusting yourself at

Posture and Remedial Massage/Myotherapy

  Posture is a sign of many different things occurring in your body. Some causes of poor posture can arise from your physical habits and/or your emotional and stress related patterns. Good posture is much more than simply sitting up straight or consciously adjusting yourself at your work station or chosen activity. Your ability to

postural issuesBad posture is often the result of muscular imbalances that occur from repetitive activities that cause us to assume awkward positions. There are many things that can be the cause of our bad posture including work, hobbies and other regular activities. people who work long hours are at a higher risk of developing postural issues.

Postural issues are not simply rolled shoulders or hunching. There is no one “correct posture” but and ideal position for your particular structure. There are some typical signs of bad posture which include tummy sticking out, rounded shoulders, forward head posture and an increase curve in the lower back. The increased  curve in the lower back and the tummy sticking out are generally the result of sitting for long periods, and the upper body issues are often from having the hands out in front of us all day and leaning toward screens.

Poor posture can cause all sorts of symptoms including nerve impingement, aches and pains, restricted range of motion and fatigue. Poor posture also increases your chances of sustaining many injuries.

If we move into a no exercise regime without addressing our bad posture the exercise can actually exacerbate the bad posture, it’s always a good idea to have you posture assessed and a specific program designed to work on you specific issues.

As postural changes come on very slowly we often don’t realise they have occurred and we feel that our current positioning is fine. Some common ways people try at home to correct poor posture actually end up increasing the issue.

Here are some things you can try to improve your postural issues

  • When at the desk, keep your back on the back rest, adjust the chair so your knees and your hips are level, and keep your feet on the ground or use a foot rest.
  • Try not to sit on low chairs or couches too often.
  • If standing, have you feet shoulder width apart and try to have you weight evenly distributed on both feet.
  • Use shoes with adequate padding and try not to wear heels.
  • MOVE. Try to get up every hour and do shoulder rolls, windmills torso twists or go for a walk.
  • Stop crossing your legs.
  • If you are on the phone a lot get a headset.
  • Use your legs when lifting.