Neck Pain

Myotherapy For Neck Pain Treatment | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Myotherapy For Neck Pain The neck and cervical spine is the most mobile part of our body, as a result it is very susceptible to injury, especially when put under excessive strain or repetitive use. Neck pain is one of the most common problems faced by our modern population and there are many reasons behind

Cupping For Neck Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Cupping For Neck Pain Cupping is an extremely old technique that has been used for thousands of years throughout many cultures. Cupping practitioners create a vacuum on the skin using a cup or jar, cups can be made of glass or plastic. Traditional cupping uses a flame to create the vacuum or suction effect. Modern

Neck Pain? | Myotherapy Melbourne Natural Therapies

Neck Pain, Why Does It Happen? Our Myotherapists are regularly treating clients suffering from neck pain. Neck pain can have a significant impact on your life causing sharp pain, dull ache, headaches or an inability to move comfortably. Luckily in the majority of cases neck pain is easily treated with Myotherapy at Melbourne Natural Therapies.

Remedial Massage For Neck Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage For Neck Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies The saying ” it’s a pain in the neck” is often used to explain how bad things are. For many office workers throughout Melbourne, this term can be taken literally. At Melbourne Natural Therapies one of the main issues our remedial massage therapists are ask to