Can Myotherapy Increase PerformanceOver a period of time massage therapy have evolved as a profession and also as a therapy, and the training programs in massage, especially remedial massage, and Myotherapy massage have gradually incorporate more advanced assessment methods and techniques of manipulation (both of soft tissues and bony structures). Now massage is considered to be an effective healing method and other systems of medicines have gradually integrated the art of manipulation with the gentle skills of soft tissue massage, corrective exercise and posture techniques. Recognising the future of massage therapies, a number of people have started joining Melbourne massage centres, where they receive the required skills and knowledge for the following bodywork qualifications:

  • Diploma in Shiatsu
  • Diploma in remedial massage
  • Diploma in Traditional Chinese Remedial massage (an mo tui na)
  • Certificate in massage therapy

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Our Melbourne massage centers also offer advanced diploma courses in Myotherapy. The Myotherapy Melbourne diploma holders provide professional massage therapy to the patients suffering from various back problems, muscular complications and herniated discs.

Manipulation of the musculoskeletal system of the body is an integral part of Melbourne remedial massage. A massage Melbourne expert applies this manipulation mainly on the body’s soft tissues; mobilisation of the joints can be part of the scope of practice of the Melbourne massage therapist. The remedial massage expert generally does not incorporate manipulation of the spine, however vertebral subluxations may be addressed by applying massage and other soft tissue techniques like trigger-point therapy, post-isometric relaxation technique to the soft tissues that support and surround the spine. Once these muscles or ligaments have been satisfactorily relaxed or returned to a balanced state, stretching and/or gentle mobilisation of the affected joints may correct the alignment of the vertebrae.

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Can Myotherapy Increase Performance
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