Charlton Szapiro

Myotherapist | Manager

Charlton Szapiro is an accredited Remedial Massage therapist and a graduate of RMIT’s Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy. Since 2015 Charlton has been helping people manage their pain and stay active by using a combination of skills to help ease tension, eliminate trigger points, and restore range of motion. These skills include cupping and dry needling, but his main method for achieving positive results is with hands-on massage. He has experience treating everyday workers, fitness professionals, persons with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Charlton is a sensitive and compassionate therapist, ensuring that his clients always feel safe and respected, understand their treatment and condition, and are empowered with take-home rehabilitative techniques and exercises to ensure a pain-free life.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Charlton moved to Australia in 2007, sparking his long-term love affair with Melbourne. While he’s worn many occupational hats throughout his years prior to entering the massage industry, it is as a remedial massage and Myo-therapist that Charlton has felt the most rewarded. Charlton takes immense pleasure and pride in helping people find relief from their pain symptoms, especially when it comes to lower back pain and shoulder/neck tension, two of the most common conditions which can impact many people. His empathetic and collaborative approach ensures that each client has an experience that is tailored to their individual needs, health goals, and concerns.

Besides walking and going for bike rides, Charlton enjoys weight training at the gym, an activity that has helped him over the years to keep fit and maintain a health lifestyle. Charlton is a firm advocate for resistance training as a way to increase muscle mass and strengthen bones, particularly as we age. When not at work or at the gym, Charlton can be seen enjoying a coffee and a pastry with his partner on the weekends or sitting at home with his nose in a book. Charlton appreciates the importance of continuing education and aims to develop his practice with research-based information and the highest level of care in Myotherapy. 

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