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Have you been catching up on all the odd projects around the house lately? Are you working in more of a physical capacity and feeling worse for wear? Re-painting, carpeting or gardening? At Entegra Health, Parkville, Melbourne, we’re here to support your Remedial Massage, muscular tension and overall well being related concerns.

Where Are the Tricep Muscles?

The Triceps Bachii, or Tricep muscles are located behind (posterior) our upper arms; directly opposite the bicep muscles, between the elbow and shoulder. As the name suggests, the Triceps comprise three muscular heads (Long, Medial, Lateral) that attach to the scapula (shoulder blade) and humerus (long bone of the arm) in their origin, or upper (superior) extent; inserting into the ulna (the large bone of the forearm).

What Is Their Function?

The tricep muscles function in association with the Bicep muscles in the upper arm, to support actions involving extension (straightening) of the arm and elbow. In this way, the Biceps are seen as an antagonist to the Tricep muscles, which alternate between lengthening, or stretching, and contracting, (or a ‘push and pull’ mechanism) to function.

As a result, the tricep muscles also act to support the shoulder and corresponding muscles (Pectorals, Biceps and Rotator Cuff Muscles), and specifically the scapula. Examples of these functions include straightening the forearm to reach behind, or in front of yourself, such as when using a remote control, throwing a ball, or hammering.

The Triceps also support fine motor use of the hands, in association with the elbow and shoulder joints, e.g. writing, typing, or tasks requiring meticulous hand movements.

What Tension Related Problems Can Occur in the Triceps?

At Entegra Health Parkville, common conditions of the Tricep muscles vary from standard tension related conditions, to persistent (chronic) inflammatory conditions. More severe although common conditions of the Tricep muscles include Tricep Tendonitis, involving inflammation of the tendon attaching the Tricep to the elbow joint.

Symptoms commonly present in Tricep Tendonitis include pain around the elbow, swelling, and occasionally colour changes to the surrounding tissues. Common aggravating factors associated with general tension or soft tissue injuries, may include:

  • Repeated use causing strain, or overuse of Tricep muscles
  • Weak Tricep muscles
  • Sudden increase in Tricep weight bearing loads

How Can I Reduce Tricep Muscular Tension? | Tricep Stretch

At Entegra Health, we highly recommend consulting your Remedial Massage therapist during your treatment (or through a Telehealth appointment), to determine the most appropriate treatment management plan for you. Common management plans may include a combination of regular Remedial Massage treatments, and self care options including stretches and/or strengthening programs, to effectively reduce general muscular tension of the Tricep muscles between Remedial Massage treatments.

Tricep Stretch

Many simple stretches exist to effectively lengthen and reduce tension in the Tricep muscles of the upper arm (see Entegra Health stretch library). Stretching the Triceps also assists the reduction of tension in the elbows and shoulder, therefore also reducing the potential for soft tissue related Tricep injuries.


Strengthening the Tricep muscles is important to effectively support stabilization of the shoulder, elbow and arms. Exercises to strengthen the Tricep muscles include free weights to strengthen the upper arm and Biceps, and the forearm (Flexors and Extensors) e.g. Tricep Dumbbell Kickbacks.


For further information regarding Remedial Massage, or treatment options, please contact us via email. Access to free online resources including stretch and exercise video resources can also be found on our website.

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