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Alexander technique and running

Some of us are blessed with natural talent when it comes to running but many of us need to work on technique and the use of our bodies, something which many people don’t take into consideration.  Good use whilst running will make the activity more effortless and reduce unnecessary tension and the likelihood of developing pain and injury.  Cal is available to take outdoor lessons in applying the Alexander technique to running at the Tan track in Melbourne.  You are welcome to share this session with a friend or colleague – having a running partner can also make running more pleasurable and add motivation!

Alexander technique and sports

Cal has a strong interest in working with Alexander technique and sports.  From the competitive professional to the amateur wanting to keep fit, Alexander technique can add ease and efficiency to any training regime.  Applying the principles of Alexander technique to sport and movement creates greater co-ordination, balance and strength and improves alignment and posture. It will inform and improve technique, increase flexibility and prevent stress, strain and injury, helping you to reach your full potential.

Alexander technique and yoga

Our yoga lessons bring the principles of the Alexander technique to the practice of yoga. The purpose of this is to help you to move into and out of poses in an efficient and effective way so that you get the most out of your yoga practice and can begin to move more fluidly and in better balance in all activities.

Together we will find poses that work for you, your body type, your strengths and weaknesses. As a remedial massage therapist I use my knowledge of the body’s musculature to determine which poses are suitable to help correct postural issues. I then use a hands-on approach to help you to bring Alexander technique to your practice, allowing you to move in a way which lengthens the spine and promotes a healthy spine.

Teaching yoga in this way makes my lessons suitable for all body types. I often work with those who have back, neck or limb pain and can tailor a program to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. My yoga lessons are suitable for those recovering from injury and a remedial program can be developed that can help bring you back towards health, fitness, strength and suppleness.

Pregnant women may also find my lessons useful. You may wish to have greater ease and strength within your changing body to aid during birth and in the post natal period to readjust to your body and the demands arising from caring for your new baby.

Those who have never tried much exercise or yoga before will find my lessons useful in developing flexibility and strength, preventing injury and promoting increased body awareness. For people who are advanced in yoga, my lessons will improve your practice by enabling you to bring to it the principles of Alexander technique, put less stress on hyper flexible ligaments and joints and improve movement in those areas where you may be more inflexible.No experience of Alexander technique is necessary for my yoga lessons.


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