Pliates-MelbourneOur private and small group Pilates classes are taught by our APPI qualified instructor.  Pilates provides a method of conditioning exercises which focuses on correct movement quality not quantity, core stabilisation, spinal mobility, flexibility, body awareness and postural awareness.   It consists of a progressive repertoire of mat based exercises designed specifically for physiotherapists and equivalent degree therapists to teach to the clinical population.

The medical world is now realising the benefits of the Pilates method for the prevention and rehabilitation of back injuries.  In order to prevent a recurrence of back pain, it is essential to retrain the deep abdominal and spinal muscles and learn to activate the lumbo-pelvic stabilising muscles, develop an awareness of neutral lumbo-pelvic alignment, have correct ribcage/thoracic alignment and scapulo-thoracic stabilisation and retrain the deep neck flexors to stabilise the cervical spine.

Pilates suits all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial for those with back pain, poor posture, neurological conditions, sports injuries, arthritis, and before and after pregnancy.

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It is necessary to have attended a 45 minute private session prior to participating in a Pilates class.  This is to ensure correct technique which will allow you to get the most out of the class.  Ongoing private classes can be arranged at your convenience if required.