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Cupping For Neck Pain

Cupping is an extremely old technique that has been used for thousands of years throughout many cultures. Cupping practitioners create a vacuum on the skin using a cup or jar, cups can be made of glass or plastic. Traditional cupping uses a flame to create the vacuum or suction effect. Modern cups use a pump to remove the air from a valve at the top of the cup. As a result, cupping can either be employed with or without heat.

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Our remedial massage therapists and myotherapists at Melbourne Natural Therapies use cupping in conjunction with massage to get the best results. Massage is generally applied first to find the trigger points within the muscles and then cupping is applied to the necessary areas. Cupping can be left in place while the practitioner works on other areas.

In chinese medicine the effects of cupping are numerous. These include warming or stimulating meridian channels. It can also stimulate blood and lymph circulation. In this way it can be employed to remove swelling and accelerate the healing process. And it can stimulate the flow of Qi.

In modern western cupping we generally talk about the effects of cupping in terms of stretching and releasing adhesions in the muscles and fascia. The cups are able to put the muscle under a stretch by pulling up on the tissue. Practitioners can also use gliding cups where the cups are pulled through the length of the muscle. This technique is considered very effective for myofascial release.

Neck and shoulder pain is often caused by excessively tight muscles. Cupping is able to help release these muscles and also bring fresh blood to the area providing nutrients, oxygen and hydration. This increase the body’s own response to heal the affected area and clear the knots and constrictions in the muscles.

Cupping is a very safe and effective treatment for all sorts of pain and dysfunction. If you would like to try a cupping session give us a call on 03 9645 9923 or BOOK ONLINE.

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