Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies remedial massage focuses on improving and maintaining the health of muscles and connective tissues. Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies remedial massage therapists are specially trained to treat injuries and other physical problems that athletes usually confront in the field or while practicing. However, non-athletes can also benefit from this type of massage. Remedial massage therapy deals with issues related to the balance and quality of the posture, range of motion, muscle tone and symmetry,


Melbourne natural therapies remedial massage is different from other forms of massage therapy in that sports massage therapist generally use far deeper pressure than other massage therapists. Unlike other forms of massages that are designed for relaxation or to improve the circulation of blood in the body, remedial massage therapy is intended to treat or prevent injury to the muscles and connective tissues. Some athletes also undergo corrective and sports massage before an event/ competition to tone their bodies.

Remedial massage therapists use their hands to move the tendons, connective tissues, muscles, and ligaments, round the desired area. They can use various techniques to stroke or they can use their thumbs to create deeper pressure. They can isolate their attention to a muscle or muscle group, or create a movement in a specific area by using a variety of directions and a variety of strengths and depths.

Intense training can sometimes harden and thicken body tissues of most athletes. Remedial massage techniques can restore the elasticity of these tissues. Remedial massage also improves circulation and increases tissue permeability to allow more nutrients and blood flow to the muscle tissue. On the other hand the Myotherapy Melbourne specialists deal with the problems related to herniated discs, severe pain in body tissues, and different aches/pains related to your backbone.

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