Even in a cosmopolitan city such as Melbourne, many people still see massage only as a luxury or indulgence rather than a preventative health measure that can promote health and wellbeing in the long run. This belief is supported by the spa industry which offers a range of relaxation massages and other treatments. With that said, relaxation massage also has many health benefits including reducing stress and providing much needed down time. However, the benefits of massage extend far beyond relaxation and stress reduction. The focus of remedial massage is to restore and/or maintain the normal integrity of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The focus can be rehabilitative after an injury or long period of tension, or it can be for general health promotion. Massage complements a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, exercise and mindfulness practices. It keeps your soft tissue healthy by removing toxins and promotes circulation. It helps lymph move throughout your body, it can maintain or extend the range of movement of your joints, and help you sleep better. At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, we embrace the idea of preventative health. A monthly maintenance massage with either Emily Garnett, Phil Romeril or Cal Savage can ensure any isolated areas of tightness are resolved and don’t disturb your sleep or prevent you from enjoying exercise or other activities in your social life. At your appointment our qualified therapists will take the time to assess your lifestyle and explain how current habits may be impeding your ability to achieve optimal health. Some questions that they may ask include: – Do you sit at a desk for 8+ hours a day? – Does your job involve sitting in a car for most of the day? – Do you place your wallet in your back pocket and then sit down for long periods? – Has your workstation been set up according to your body? – Do you use a headset to answer the phone at work? – Do you warm up and cool down before and after exercise? – Is stretching part of your daily routine? Your massage therapist will explain what they are feeling when working through areas of tightness and advise how you can help yourself in easing this tension. They will often suggest stretches that you can incorporate into your daily routine and provide other general advice relating to diet, exercise and mindfulness practices. For detailed advice on your diet, please consider making an appointment with our naturopath, Gabrielle Besser. People in Melbourne and the world over are starting to look at ways to to improve the quality of their life and prevent or delay disease and illness. A monthly massage may be just what you need to help you achieve optimal health! Call the clinic today to book with either Emily, Phil or Cal on 9645 9923 or email info@melbournenaturaltherapies.com.au