“I’m pregnant – can I do Alexander technique?”

The Alexander technique can be extremely useful during pregnancy.  It can help manage the difficulties associated with pregnancy such as the body changing shape, weight, posture, balance and support and provide ease of movement and breath.  It can provide you with ways to help with stress and sleep and explore practical ways of delivery that aren’t considered in routine ante-natal classes.

The Alexander technique can continue to provide solutions for after your baby is born in regards to carrying and caring for your baby whilst coping with the routine stresses as well as your changing body.

Private lessons are structured to take each individual’s situation into account so they are suitable for all stages of pregnancy.


I began Alexander technique lessons when I was 5 months pregnant.  I had heard it was good for improving posture and movement and I knew my body would be soon rapidly changing shape and had heard that many women suffer from back and hip pain during pregnancy and I wanted to avoid that if I could.
Cal taught me how to sit, stand, bend and move with much greater ease and I could see the differences in my posture as well as feel them.  We also looked at sleeping positions and made improvements to the yoga poses I was doing in my pre-natal yoga class.  I felt stronger in general because I was using my body much more how it was designed to and the things I learnt in the lessons are still benefiting me; I know that when I’m looking after my baby that I’m doing it in a way that is good for my back.  I would recommend Alexander technique to all expecting mothers.




“What about Alexander technique and ergonomics?”

Many people have heard of ergonomics and have some understanding of the importance of ergonomics at their workstation.  However, despite ergonomically designed chairs and desks, neck and back pain and RSIs are still all too common, cause many days off work and can lead to psychological stress as well.

The Alexander technique is able to teach you how to recognise your habitual patterns of tension and movement and make positive changes that allowsyou to maintain an easy and comfortable posture as you work by restoring the natural poise and balance of your body.

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