myotherapy melbourneOver the past few years, the popularity of remedial massage has grown tremendously in the world and particularly in Australia.  This is because this type of holistic treatment approach to treat various musculoskeletal disorders has yielded results and people now feel confident to visit a chiropractor or a Myotherapist for the treatment of various body pains, aches, and injuries. However, not all Myotherapists and remedial message experts offer the same level of treatment and care. Therapists working at Entegra know how to improve the effectiveness of massage therapy and provide instant relief to their patients. Do they do something different or they do the same things others do, differently? 

Proper Diagnosis | What Is Myotherapy

The effectiveness and the outcomes of treatment ultimately depends on the proper diagnosis of the root cause of the problem, just like a chiropractic adjustment as mentioned in the website. The best way to go about finding it is to have a detailed and meaningful discussion with the patient. Therapists working at Entegra clinics leave no stone unturned when it comes to investing the root cause of the dysfunction.

A Holistic Treatment Plan

The information shared by the patient helps the therapist design an effective treatment plan. While formulating the holistic treatment plan, our therapists keep in mind the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Another major component of the holistic treatment plan offered at our clinics is the unconditional support and care offered by the expert Myotherapists and support staff.

Defining Patient’s Role

Loosening those dysfunctional tissues by using various massage techniques alone is not going to yield satisfactory results unless you address the physiological factors. The main goal of the Myotherapists working at Entegra clinics is to give patients a chance to feel the issues in their body.

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