Yoga Melbourne | 3 Surprising Evidence-Based Benefits

Yoga Melbourne

Yoga is more than just stretching and working out, it is a great addition to living a healthy life. The practice of yoga allows you to achieve peace and tranquility through focused training and exercises.  If practiced on a regular basis, yoga offers many mental and physical benefits. Here are 3 surprising evidence-based benefits of

An Overview Of Qualifications We Require | Remedial Massage Melbourne

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  Working as a Melbourne based remedial massage therapist requires more than just skills, our massage therapists have to go through rigorous training and pass a diploma level in order to achieve registration with the massage associations and receive professional indemnity insurance. These thing are also necessary to provide health fund rebates to clients. Regarded as one


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  Just as there are so many variations and hybrids of yoga, there are hundreds of yoga studios and gyms offering yoga courses to all those looking for a healthy and active life. Under such circumstances, choosing the best yoga in Melbourne to suit you may prove to be a challenge for some. Whether your

Benefits of Yoga | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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  At Melbourne Natural Therapies we have started offering yoga classes. The reason we have introduced yoga at Melbourne Natural Therapies is that there are many connections between our yoga Melbourne classes and our existing services? Lets have a look at some of the benefits of both physical therapies and yoga classes. Benefits of Physical

Yoga & Massage – A Winning Combination | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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Although in theory, yoga & massage are two very distinct modalities, in practice, both of them have one thing in common – they both work on releasing muscular tension and reducing the related symptoms. For this reason, a growing number of patients who seek treatment at Melbourne Natural Therapies ask where they can do yoga

WHAT IS YOGA? | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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There is no simple answer to the question ” what is yoga? “; you can ask ten yoga experts and all of them will answer it in a distinct and different way. Similarly, you can attend ten different yoga classes and you will likely have ten different experiences. However, there is one fact about yoga

New Yoga And Pilates Classes | Our Schedule

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At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies, we have been running small group mat Pilates for a long time and are now adding small group yoga classes to our schedule in September 2017. Yoga And Pilates Classes Our Yoga And Pilates Classes focus on retraining the deep abdominal muscles and muscles surrounding the spine and teaches you

3 Key Benefits Of Myotherapy

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Whether you are suffering from postural problems, joint pains, neck and back pain, or any other form of musculoskeletal issues, visiting our Myotherapy Melbourne clinic may provide you the kind of long term pain relief that you’ve been looking for. The benefits of Myotherapy are not just confined to aiding in muscular release; it offers long

Your Postural Health Goals | Remedial Massage Melbourne CBD

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  Your Postural Health Goals Like all  forms of treatment there are  things  a remedial massage therapist should be aware of and as a result it is important to find a highly qualified and experienced practitioner. All of our remedial massage therapists at Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies are fully qualified and have years of experience

Physiotherapy And Myotherapy | The Difference

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  This is a question we get asked a lot! I have consulted google about this but as usual found many different answers, which just seemed to confuse the matter. Before going on I would like to warn you that I am about to use some gross generalisations and I am talking about these professions

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