Remedial Massage for Tennis Elbow

The Elbow | Remedial Massage For Tennis Elbow Most of us tend to ignore the importance of the elbow, until the time comes that it gets hurt or becomes the cause of pain. Our elbows comprise of different structures such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and bones. It is often an injured/damaged/compressed tendon which becomes

Remedial Massage for Leg Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage Post Knee Reconstruction

  Remedial Massage for Leg Pain Leg pain can be sharp, dull, tingling or stabbing sensations felt in the area between the hip and ankle. Depending on the underlying cause, the leg pain can be intermittent, slowly progressive, transitory, acute or long term and can affect the whole limb or any single part of of

Knee Pain – Remedial Massage Treatment Vs Surgery

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  Knee pain is often associated with the elderly or people who are extremely active and/or play sports. In reality, this is not always the case, people from any walk of life or age can fall victim to knee pain at some point in their lifetime. People who suffer from chronic knee pain are generally

Remedial Massage for Tennis Elbow | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Melbourne remedial massage

At Melbourne Natural Therapies, our remedial massage therapists regularly treat clients experiencing tennis elbow symptoms, at both Southbank and Collins Street CBD locations. What is Tennis Elbow? | Massage For Tennis Elbow Tennis Elbow, or Lateral Epicondylitis, is characterised as the inflammation of the tendons attached to the outside of the elbow and the extensor

Remedial Massage For Athletes ~ Melbourne Natural Therapies

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Playing any form of sport is a fun and healthy way to keep fit, however, athletes are at a much higher risk of injury than your average gym goer. During intense competitions athletes often push their bodies to extreme limits without realising that our bodies have a range in which they can perform, pushing the

What Are The Benefits | Pregnancy Massage Melbourne

Pregnancy Massage For Back Pain

The Benefits | Pregnancy Massage Melbourne Pregnancy is a special time in the life of a woman, it is a time when every expecting mother is overwhelmed with love and joy for their unborn child, however, the enjoyable parts of pregnancy can be diminished as she starts to experience various physical challenges. A woman’s body

Remedial Massage For DOMS | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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Remedial Massage For DOMS Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS is pain and stiffness in muscles from a few hours to a few days after exercise, particularly if you have increased the level of activity from your usual regime. The pain is often felt 24 to 72 hours after the exercise but can vary slightly. Why

Myofascial Cupping and Remedial Massage | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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  Cupping and Remedial Massage At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we provide both traditional (flame) and vacuum (piston) myofascial cupping i we always combine cupping and remedial massage Myofascial cupping or ‘cupping’ is a form of myofascial release, which aims to restore optimum function to all soft tissues. Unlike traditional manual forms of myofascial release, such

Lower Leg Pain | Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies

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  Lower Leg Pain At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we provide effective remedial massage treatment for conditions concerning lower leg pain and feet, at both our Southbank and Collins Street, Melbourne CBD clinic locations. Some of the common lower leg pain we address include:       Plantar Fasciitis       Achilles tendonitis       Calf tendonitis Pain and discomfort within the gastrocnemius

Remedial Massage For Tendinopathy | Melbourne Natural Therapies

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Remedial Massage For Tendinopathy | Melbourne Natural Therapies What Is Tendinopathy? | Remedial Massage For Tendinopathy A tendinopathy loosely means there is an issue with the tendon. This issue is often accompanied by tenderness to the touch and pain, often on movement. You may have heard these 2 terms below: Tendinitis. (inflammation of the tendon) Tendinosis

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