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  Cupping and Remedial Massage At Melbourne Natural Therapies, we provide both traditional (flame) and vacuum (piston) myofascial cupping i we always combine cupping and remedial massage Myofascial cupping or ‘cupping’ is a form of myofascial release, which aims to restore optimum function to all soft tissues. Unlike traditional manual forms of myofascial release, such

Cupping For Neck Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Cupping For Neck Pain Cupping is an extremely old technique that has been used for thousands of years throughout many cultures. Cupping practitioners create a vacuum on the skin using a cup or jar, cups can be made of glass or plastic. Traditional cupping uses a flame to create the vacuum or suction effect. Modern

Massage and cupping treatment in Melbourne CBD       

  Massage and cupping At Melbourne Natural Therapies we offer remedial massage and myotherapy treatment. Our massage therapists use a variety techniques and tools to most effectively treat myofascial pain and one of the treatments we find clients in Melbourne are regularly asking about is cupping. At Melbourne Combined Natural Therapies we offer traditional flame