The term ‘posture’ is often misunderstood. Many people for example, think that ‘good posture’ can be defined as a specific position that we hold ourselves in when standing. A common definition of physical posture is, “the position or bearing of the body, whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose”. This means that posture is constantly changing depending on the task we are carrying out. For instance, good posture whilst sitting, is very different to an ideal posture while standing, and furthermore ‘good posture’ can be different for each individual, specific to their physical structure. At Entegra Health, we find many of our remedial massage clients experience issues related to their posture.

remedial massage postureHaving and maintaining good posture isn’t as simple as sitting up straight, or consciously adjusting yourself during work or physical activities however. Many people simply don’t have the strength to hold themselves correctly all day, or may have excessive tension in certain muscle groups which pulls them into less than ideal positions. Muscular tension also causes muscles to lose strength, as it shortens the fibres in the muscles and as a result,  reduces the ability of the muscle to contract.


Can Remedial Massage Help With Posture?

If a postural issue is caused by muscular tension, remedial massage can be very beneficial. Remedial massage releases tension in the muscle groups that are affecting the posture. Remedial massage therapists will also recommend strengthening exercises for weak muscle groups. With many postural issues, both are necessary to address. For example, rolled shoulders are a common postural concern. In this scenario,  the chest muscles are commonly tight and short, whilst the upper back muscles are weak. In many cases, simply learning about your body mechanics and potential imbalances during a session is a highly important part of creating effective and lasting change.


What Are The Issues Caused By Poor Posture And Why Does It Happen?

Bad postural habits and the resulting imbalance, can cause limited range of movement, pain and discomfort. This can affect overall movement patterns, and increase your susceptibility to injury and/or further postural issues in future. Standing or sitting at your desk all day for example, is a significant cause of poor postural habits. As, when we are inactive, we are more likely to position ourselves unevenly. For example, walking is an activity that usually involves even movement (one leg after the other), however many of us have a tendency to cross our legs, or lean to one side whilst sitting or standing – supporting ourselves with one leg more than the other. This can result in postural imbalances, and consequently may contribute to  injury, loss of range of joints and pain.

If you are experiencing muscular pain or discomfort that may be caused by your habits or posture, feel free to call and chat with one of our remedial massage therapists today!

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Can Remedial Massage Help With Posture?